Sunday, December 27, 2009

Something to Think about ~ look in the mirror

Recently I was told this story from someone I respect.  I wanted to pass it on to you:

One day a dog strayed into a room whose walls were filled with large mirrors.

Suddenly he saw himself surrounded by many dogs.

Instinctively he bared his teeth and began to snarl at them. And all the dogs in the mirrors did the same thing. They bared their teeth and snarled back.

When the dog saw this, he grew terrified and raced frantically around the room. And all the dogs in the mirrors began racing around after him. When the dog saw this, he trembled, staggered and died of fright. What a terrible tragedy!
Had the dog just once wagged his tail, the images in the mirrors would have done the same thing.
Hmm, how do we come across to others.  Have you noticed if you are crabby, people are crabby back.  If I am happy those around me seem happier as well. Amazing what a smile can do.

And what a simple message to be reminded of. 

Happy Sunday!


Its So Very Cheri said...

Great reminder.
Have a great Sunday


sawicky99 said...

:) My husband just told me the same thing about my reaction to my mother in law this morning...I told him I have tried smiling at her for 10 years and it hadn't worked, but yes, I just need to keep smiling...UGH! Sometimes that's harder than it is! Have a great Sunday!

Happy Mom said...

Smiles to you!