Monday, December 14, 2009

My twist on the traditional Christmas letter

Have your Christmas cards been sent yet?



I don't know where the time has gone.

But my "letter" has been written.... more like designed and my pictures are on order. So maybe tomorrow they will be addressed and stamped.

Back to my letter. What started off as a letter years ago has turned into a crossword puzzle. I got tired of writing what seemed like the same old letter year after year. So one year I decided to make up a family crossword. I've been making one for about 6 years now.

I start by writing my clues (usually a short sentence). Then I get out my trusty graph paper and begin plotting out different words from my clues trying to figure out what ones would work best and where.

Once it's on paper it's time for the computer. I create my little boxes (by cutting and pasting them from the previous year ~ they are already the perfect size) and move them around according to my penciled out design. Once the boxes are set, I type in my clues ~ making sure to leave a spot for the missing word and add corresponding numbers into the correct boxes. Finally, the fun stuff. Changing the font and adding pictures, which I try to use as "helpers" for the clues.

** oh, and don't forget to put an answer key on the back **

Yes, its a bit tedious and every year I swear I'm going to launch the computer out the window, but for some reason I really enjoy creating it.

He is the finished product ~ in bits and pieces ~ because remember, I haven't sent them out yet and I don't want to be a fun wrecker!



the treat girl said...

How GREAT is that!!!!!!!!!!!! I loooove it!!!!!!

3XMom said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea. you probably don't want to hear this since you finished yours - but quickly found an online generator - That looks like it would work. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!

Jennifer Juniper said...

That really is a great idea, I always make fun of traditional Christmas letters. I read them aloud in a funny voice and The Big Guy and I laugh (shhh!)

Angie @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

What a great idea!! Thanks bunches!

Jennifer said...

This is such a NEAT idea! So much better than an ordinary letter. Very creative! :)