Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh my Sassy

Yes there are times when she drives me CRAZY.

But there are times I want to bottle her up and keep her right here and right now, just like this, forever.

In school they keep a journal. The teacher gives them a topic/question and that is what they write about for the day (they get only a short time to write).

Here are 2 of my favorites so far (I have not changed wording or spellings):

If I picked a nickname it would be named priness.
Because my Dad calls me that. It is my favorite nickname.
I have alot of nicknames.
But priness fits me the best.

I would not like to live by the sea,
because I do not like the smell of saltwater.

Oh, and one more thing. This is what I found under my pillow the other night when I went to bed:

Yes, I went to bed with an extra big smile on my face and a heart that was melting.

Man oh man I love this little girl!


the treat girl said...

OMG!!!!!!! PRICE.LESS!!! I looooooove when Cubby leaves me notes!! You should frame it...or laminate it at Kinko's, punch a hole in it, tie a ribbon on and hang it on your tree :) I dangle all kinds on things on my tree as ornaments!!

Jennifer Juniper said...

The last time I got a note like that it was after I yelled at my son to get OFF THE COMPUTER! Turns out he was trying to teach himself how to superimpose "I love you so much, mom" over a pink heart. He put in on my desk once he figured it out. I suck.