Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A trip

We tried to go last year (you can read about that here)

This year we actually made it!

Here's our trip in pictures:

Sunset from ABOVE the clouds

What a beautiful evening flight

The rink at PPG place ~ downtown Pittsburgh

A few sights:

Sights from the Steelers vs Raiders game

Hello Ben and Hines

And yes, I COULD watch Sepulveda all day ~ even tying his shoe...sigh........

(Yes you too Troy, you just didn't come close enough for me to get a decent picture)


Steelers won!!!!


Hubby and I had a fabulous time ~ just the two of us!

I'm shutting down until next week, so I hope you all have a safe, and amazing Thanksgiving holiday!
Be Blessed!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Everyone has one. Right?

(2 of my followers have maybe read this one before ~ I think I had a couple when I wrote this one ☺ ~ it's a repost from 7/8/09)

I'll admit, I actually have 3.
Junk drawers that is.
As I was searching for something in one of these drawers today I stopped and thought for a moment.
Here was an ordinary miracle.

This "mess", this "chaos" this "junk" a miracle?

What Wendy, are you talking about?

Well, think about it. The junk drawer is always there. Sometimes it is organized and other times it needs to be gone through. The contents of the drawer need to be looked at and examined. Should it stay or should it go?

Our hearts and minds are a lot like a junk drawer. Sometimes we need to look at ourselves. Really look and take an inventory. Are there things on our hearts and minds that we should let go of ~ throw away? Are there things inside yourself that to others may seem like junk, but to you is a treasure? Are there things in there that we may need or think we may need someday ~ do we really need these things?

Our lives are full of love and laughs, tears and pain, joy and sorrow. People may lie to us and hurt us. They may joke with us and bring us much happiness. Are we able to forgive those we need to forgive? I recently read this from the book The Shack, "Forgiveness is not about forgetting." "It is about letting go of another person's throat."
Can we release our grip and let it go (not necessarily forget, but forgive)? Are we able to love those who desperately need our love and attention?

What does your junk drawer look like?

Does it need to be cleaned out?

Mine did.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Embrace the Camera

Sassy snapped some pictures of me fixing Smiley's hair this morning:

Yikes... I'm looking a little haggard in my beautiful morning glory, broken glasses and all...

All Done......

 Here is her hair style inspiration of the day....

Minnie Mouse :)


Monday, November 15, 2010

Yarn Storage

I started with a couple of these:

Spray painted them ~ I used yellow and silver (no photos so you'll have to use your imagination ☺)

Glued them together ~ I used gorilla glue ('cause that's what was close) ~ then clamped them together until the glue dried.

Hung them up on the wall ~ by  driving a screw through the bottom of a couple of the cans and into a stud (in my beautifully unfinished, windowless, storage/craft hole in the basement ~ and I say that lovingly ☺ ~ which is why the pictures are SO good!)

Finally, I put some yarn in them.  I have lots more yarn, but as much as I like coffee, I just can't seem to go through cans that quickly, so I'll be saving cans and adding them in.

Really though, you don't have to put yarn in them ~ spray paint, brushes, whatever your heart desires.

I ♥ Faces

I ♥ Faces is having a silhouette picture link up (and we're not talking vinyl cutter here either), so I thought I would participate.

This is my entry:

Sassy, fishing off the end of the dock this summer while we were on vacation.
She fished for at least an hour that evening.

Kind of makes me wish there wasn't snow on the ground right now.....

Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Funny

It's Friday, and you know what that means don't you?


Let Loose


Remember to laugh! 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Embrace the Camera

This last weekend Hubby was gone on a boy's weekend, so it was just the kids and I.  We decided to go to one of their favorite exploring spots ~ the falls.

Trying for a nice arm outstretched group shot :

~ Too sunny ~

~ Missing Action ~

~ Only Half of Me ~


And Finally ~ Yay for self-timers ☺:

We all had a blast!

There were lots (lots and lots) of stairs Sassy stopped counting after one set of them ~ she was to 110.  We went up and down many sets.  No need to go to the health club this day ☺

There was lots of exploring done (notice Action brought along his binoculars)

Come along....
Here are a few of the things we saw:

And my favorite ~ besides the waterfall ~

Just look at that tree arching in front of the bridge.
So cool.