Tuesday, December 29, 2009


On Saturday, my Hubby and I were suppose to get on one of these:

And Go here:


While these 3 little cuties:

stayed with Grandpa and Grandma.


Thursday night (Christmas Eve) Miss Mother Nature Reared her UGLY head ~ ACTUALLY it was quite pretty if you didn't want to go anywhere.

It began to snow

The interstates were closed.

The airport was closed ~ set to reopen on Saturday at 10 am.

It would all be ok.
We didn't fly out until 1.

It would all work out.

We would get to the Steelers vs Ravens football game in Pittsburgh yet.

We checked with the airline.
Everything was on time.
Then take off was delayed until 4.

the call came in from Chicago.


At such a small airport, not many options exist.

And so

We were refunded airline tickets, cancelled hotel reservations and sold our football tickets.


I was bummed and disappointed.
as a stay at home mom it is not often you get a break from making and cutting up meals, giving baths, changing diapers, and the list goes on.
I was excited to go.
Let down that we couldn't.

Game Day

We still watched the game.
Instead of at Heinz Field in the cool air with a warm drink, we were in a warm bar with cold drinks.
With Family.

It wasn't the same, but we had a good time.

And I was with him:

And thats what really matters.


Happy Mom said...

Oh, what a bummer. Looks like you still had some good times with your DH. Happy New Year!

the treat girl said...

Well.....I am soooooo bummed for you too! But next time you're planning a trip to the 'burgh...let us know! We can meet!!!!!