Sunday, December 20, 2009

Something to Think about ~ Theft.

Theft: (thank you

1. the act of stealing; the wrongful taking and carrying away of the personal goods or property of another; larceny.

2. an instance of this.

3. Archaic. something stolen.

Let's start at the beginning shall we?

Thanksgiving ~ we were gone spending time with our families.
We get home and something feels off.
Something is missing.

We figure it out.

It is this:

This (um, the flag, not Sassy) has been adorning the front of our lovely suburban home for many years from September through February (sometimes March... oops).The flag, the pole, everything gone.

*** So for those of you who have driven past and have wondered if we removed the flag due to the lack of a stellar Steeler season, the answer is NO. We are not that easily discouraged. Kind of like our wedding vows ~ in good times and in bad..... And yes, we are a little crazy here! But it is all in good fun!

And then this morning. A peaceful Sunday morning.

An e-mail. Red flags up at the credit card company. Please Call.

A phone call.

This is ???? from XXXX. We have been alerted to fraudulent activity on your credit card.

Were you in Canada yesterday?

Your husband?

It seems someone has a hard copy of your credit card.

We will need to close this account immediately.

We will be sending you papers to fill out in regards to the investigation so you can get your money back.

Come on.

FYI ~ hubby and I both have our credit cards in hand nor have we lost them.

So, thank you to the nice people who work for the credit card company. Thank you for being so quick and thorough with this issue. I hope to never have to work with you again. Nothing against you. You've been great.

And to those who are the takers.

The thieves.

Not just the ones who have stolen from us, but those who have stolen from all.

I wish you a merry CHRISTmas and I pray you find Christ soon!


the treat girl said...

Ummmmm....did I know you were from Pittsburgh??????? That's where I live!!!

Joy Beadworks said...


What's you Pgh connection? I'm from PIT!