Thursday, December 3, 2009

2,506 reasons

Why I have not been blogging much this week.

The last two nights I have been volunteering at our church for a 3rd grade advent retreat night.  At it, the 3rd graders come to 8 different stations to do a craft that puts Jesus in perspective.

My station?  An Advent chain.  You know, a paper countdown to Christmas chain, except with things we can do for and with others listed on each slip ~ one for each day until Christmas.

What a lovely thing we can do this time of year to redirect our children's focus (at least try) away from themselves and their I wants. 

Back to the 2,506 reasons:

100 kids x 25 slips = 2500
4 sessions of kids and parents = 4
2 full evenings  = 2
= 2,506

And yes, I was lucky enough to cut out the srips for all of the kids ~ gotta love a good paper cutter!


Mass Hole Mommy said...

Wow, sounds like a lot of cutting and stapling :)

the treat girl said...

You go girl!!!!!!!!!! I think I'll have to make one with Cubby tomorrow.....the Advent cabinet we have with chocolates in it every day until Christmas isn't teaching him the full meaning of Christmas! :)

sawicky99 said...

I was wondering how that went! Hope you are doing well!!!