Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cute Headband

I saw these flowers on the Hope Studios blog about a month ago. 

*** This is a Hope Studios Picture ***

Loved them from the moment I saw them and thought.... hmmm... wouldn't these make darling headbands for my girls?

Answer: YES!

Off to JoAnn's I went.

Supplies I used:

Satin ( I used 3 colors, cream, grey and pink)
Needle and thread
Small beads
Inexpensive elastic headbands

Instructions:  I did not take pictures of my steps so go to Hope Studios by clicking here to see her beautifully detailed steps!

1. Cut your satin into many different sized circles. I stated with the biggest one and went from there using all 3 of my colors ~ no rhyme or reason ~ just make sure they gradually get smaller.  The more circles you use, the fuller your flower will be.

2.  Melt the edges of each circle using a candle.

3. At this point I grabbed my elastic headbands and  using the needle and thread, starting  from the back (I went through the headband and through all of my circles) pull the needle through to the top circle (smallest one). Once you are here, slide 3 beads onto the needle.  Continue sewing back and forth through the circle and in my case headband layers until you feel it is secure.

VOILA ~ a darling headband!

Check it out:


Happy Mom said...

When will there be instructions of handsome boy attire? :)

These are stinking cute. My co-worker loved them and was ready to make them right up to the candle. I'm working on her to take the plunge.

Anonymous said...

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