Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pet Peeves of the week and a QUESTION.

I bring you MY pet peeves of the week:

1.  Excessive amounts of snow when I want to travel ~ and yes, somtimes it is about me :)

2.  An inability to understand people on the other end of the phone ~ in this case due to an inability to speak clear ENGLISH!

3.  Travelocity.

4.  The manager at the Westin in PA***UPDATE*** ~ He is no longer a pet peeve :)

5.  Only 2 open check out lanes at Target on a busy shopping day at a busy time.

6.  People who call you back with out listening to the voice mail you left them first.

Ok, thats it for now. 

Please vent with me. 
What are your pet peeves this week?


one more thing:

Since it's New Year's Eve, what do you plan to do?

I'll answer first.

Us, we keep it low key. 
Dinner out as a family. 
Games and a movie. 
Time together.
Remembering the good things about the past year and the goals and memories we hope to make in the next.

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Happy Mom said...

Pet peeves of the week:
1. Unfairness in treatment of kids
2. People who think the world won't survive without them
3. The inability to finish a beer when all you want is to put your feet up and relax with your hubby but instead you fall asleep on the couch with an unfinished beer on the table.

NYE - Sledding with friends, supper with friends & thoughts of how great our future is.