Thursday, September 27, 2012

Annual Doctor Appointment

Today is Embrace the Camera day

What does that mean you ask?

Today is the day that we are challenged (by Emily) to step out from behind the camera and get in front of it.  Why?  For our families, our spouses, children, and grandchildren and on and on, so they know who we are, remember our times together and the fun that was had.  So for future generations, we are not only a name, but we are a face.

Today, I am stepping out from behind the camera, not with my children, or spouse, but by myself.  You see, todays embrace is 2 fold.  It is me, in a lovely paper gown, being pro-active about my health, so I can not only be just in pictures, but so I can be physically present!

Welcome to my annual doctor's appointment. 

And I'm not talking "Women's Health" here.  This is my annual full body skin check at the dermatologist.

This annual check is very important to me ~ and I suggest you all go and have a full skin check.  A few years ago I had a couple moles removed.  They were considered dysplastic nevi. Basically atypical moles that can put you at a higher risk for melanoma.

So, every year I go in and get my skin checked out ~ from my scalp to the tips of my toes.  

And thankfully, nothing looked abnormal.

Time to get on with making more memories with my loved ones!

Oh, I must mention, I did get "caught" taking pictures of my reflection in the mirror by my nurse.  Pretty sure she thinks I'm crazy!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Entry and Mantel

Summer is officially boxed up here.  We have stepped back from the blues and tans and have replaced them with golds, reds, and browns.  Such warm and lovely tones.

So welcome friends, welcome to fall:

 Tis the season to curl up in front of a warm, toasty fire:

Warm colors, cozy fires, pine cones, cinnamon, apples, big piles of leaves, family get togethers..... these are the things I most love about fall.  What are your favorite fall things?

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wound Up

This guy

Had a football game last night.  Their team lost by 1 ~ bummer!  Final score was 14-13.  Anyway, we didn't get home until 9:30 and let me just say, some one's adrenaline was pumping.

Yep, can you say wound up?

But I did get him to calm down for 1.3 seconds ~ just long enough for me to snap a quick picture of Action and his helmet hair and myself with my hat hair.  Just so you know, it was a stocking had ~ 55 and windy.... gotta protect the ears :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012




Is anyone out there?


Yes it's me, Wendy.  I know, I know I haven't posted anything in weeks.  I figured that once school started and my older kids were gone for the day I would have lots of time to catch up on blogs and do some blogging myself.  However, life had other plans.  Life meaning a 3 year old and other priorities.

See someone had their very first day of preschool.  And she did really well!  She marched right into the classroom on the first day with her head held high.  When I picked her up, her teacher mentioned there were "a few tears, but she did great".  The next day she was excited to go and did fabulously.  And I must mention, that every day of school since the first one, when we get to school, she has asked where the camera is and if I'm going to take pictures.  Does this mean I have a camera overuse problem?  Ha!

We've also been baking,
reading, coloring, redecorating, picnicking,
and running every single night as well as all weekend long.

Volleyball camp and more fastpitch softball for Sassy:
3 on 3 basketball and football for Action:

Not to mention ~ regular season volleyball and church started this week for Sassy and church for Action.

I think I live in the car these days.

But even though our nights are busy rushing here and there, we ALWAYS find a way to sit down together for dinner.  Even if dinner is at 4:30.

This leads me to my O{pin}ions for the week.

First up, 

Cheesy Grilled Foil Potatoes

These were good, we maybe cooked them a little bit too long as they were pretty soft.  They didn't pass the kid test as my kids didn't like them.  While they were good, they weren't anything special, so I probably won't be making them again.


Buffalo Chicken Garbage Bread

I will start by saying Action and Smiley did not like this.  For them it was too spicy.  Sassy, hubby and I enjoyed it though.  It is spicy, but easy and flavorful.  I will definitely make this again.  


John Legend's Macaroni and Cheese

I made this as a side dish and everyone liked it.  It was a perfect addition on a cool night.  This mac and cheese had lots of flavor.  I didn't have evaporated milk on hand, so I replaced that with a combo of whole milk and 1/2 and 1/2 (which I had on hand for an ice cream recipe I want to try).  We all thought there was a lot of "oil" in this dish, but that goes with the amount of cheese that is used!  I will definitely make this again ~ it is a great fall/winter comfort food :)

Alrighty ~ I'm off for now.  But first, let me know what you've been pinning.  Have you tried anything?  Oh, and you can find me on Pinterest here

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Preschool Open House

This morning Smiley had open house at preschool.
She was excited to go.  Actually she woke up twice during the night and I wonder if that is the reason.

Anyway, she got dressed, requested her hair style ( "a braid and two ponies"), and put on her own socks and shoes.
Then she thought we needed to take some pictures. And I must say, she was being quite goofy!  But we did end up getting a decent one.

 (she was yelling "booger" in this one)

And we finally made it to open house where she had lots of fun meeting her teachers, coloring, exploring, and of course, having snack.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Wow, I've been pretty much non existent on my blog for a good week.  Hope you all had a great long labor day weekend!  Sassy and Action started school yesterday.  Hard to believe we have a 6th grader and 3rd grader in our house!

Anyway, this is maybe cheating, but for their back to school breakfast, I made one of my own recipes that I have pinned.  Obviously the o{pin}ion on this one, is YUMMY!  Make it and make it again :)  We do!

Easy Rolls ~ but we call them "Sticky Buns"

I also made another recipe of mine that I pinned :)

Grilled Pesto and Tomato Pizza

Another really great recipe!  The kid love this ~ I do however make one without tomatoes 
as Action and Smiley are not fond of them.

Chicken Lo Mein

So, this for us, was just ok.  It gets pretty good reviews on the site, but we all found it kind of 
bland. Nope, won't make this again :(

And Lastly, 

Slow Cooker Chicken Caesar Sandwiches

Again, this sounded really good, but I didn't think it was that great.  I thought the meat was dry and not super flavorful.  We did add some red onion to our sandwiches.  However, I won't be making this again as I much prefer my simple Chicken Caesar Wraps as does the rest of my family.

Anyway, that's it for now ~ off to enjoy my littlest before she starts preschool tomorrow!  Boo ~ they grow too too fast!
Oh, and you can find me on Pinterest here :)