Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 2 of our Holiday tour

Welcome to day 2 of our holiday tour. 

Yesterday I showed you the entry way and sitting room.  Today we'll move on to our fireplaces.


We'll start in the basement.  Remember this post and the idea I got from here?  Well, it was time to redo my branch and get rid of the leaves.  So, I purchased some inexpensive red and gold ornaments (not quite as nice as the ones at Restoration Hardware, but I will be watching for clearance ones after Christmas) and replaced the leaves with them.  Once again here are some before and after shots.



And our upstairs fireplace:



Thats it for today's tour ~ come back tomorrow for more!


the treat girl said...

I love day two just as much as day one!!! Hope you're having fun!! :)

sawicky99 said...

I LOVE YOUR STOCKINGS!!!!! They are so cute!!! I have been searching for adorable stockings for years...Love love love yours!

The rest of the house looks great!