Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tutu cute!

I first posted about these here and I know promised you all I would tell you how to make them! Well, wait no longer! Here you go! And be sure to send me pictures of your finished products!

It seems that tutus for little girls are everywhere these days:

They are here at Nordstroms and here at Gymboree:

And here at Old Navy:

Some of them are expensive and some are not.

But why not save some money, and make your own?




Tulle ~ whatever color/colors you want ~ about 3 yards (however, if making for an older child you may need/want more)

Elastic about 2" wide ~ length is determined by child's waist size.

Thread and needle or sewing machine


Cut the Elastic the correct length (once again, determined by the waist of the child) and sew the ends together using your sewing machine, or thread and needle.

Cut the tulle into strips ~ 4-6" wide , The length of each strip will be determined by how tall the child is and how short long you want the tutu. Once you determine the length you want DOUBLE IT! For Smiley, I made my strips about 6x20.

Now the hard part ~ slip the elastic over your leg and begin to tie the tulle onto the elastic. Here's what I found to work best: Tie with a double knot, but don't make them too tight as you don't want to make the elastic bunch and fold. And make sure you place your knot at the base of the elastic, doing so will make the tulle lay nicer.

Voila ~ That's it! If you want to be fancy you can doll it up by hot gluing some flowers or bows to the front. I have flowers, but was too excited to put it on my little Smiley that I just skipped that part I'm not fancy so I didn't do that.

The Finished Product:


Lisa Anne said...

OMG that has to be the cutest little girl EVER. I love little kids in tutus and ballerina outfits. If I ever have a girl she's going to live in the BEll Disney princess dress, the cinderella disney princess dress and a ballerina outfit pink tutu and all!!


Lisa Anne said...

I have something for you on my blog, under pay it forward

Jennifer Juniper said...

Man I wish I had a girl!