Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me Monday

Well, I thought I would attempt another NOT Me Monday post (Mckmama's idea). Like this one before, this is a post of all the things I definitely DID NOT do or have happen. Once again, I would love for you to play along with me and let me know the things that you HAVE NOT done or have not had happen to you lately. Click on the comment button at the end of the post and leave your "not me's".

Let's begin....

Last week while we were unloading the car for a day at the pool, Action did not shout "Mommy you hit that car!" in the very full, very busy parking lot. I did not get completely embarrassed and raise my voice at him as people looked on. I did not say "Action, what are you talking about, I did not hit a car!" His reply certainly was not, "yes you did." I did not then at that moment give him my mad face. He did not look at me and state, "well I was just kidding." At least not loud enough for the whole parking lot to hear.

I did not allow Smiley to tear up and proceed to eat a phone book the other day while I was writing a blog post. Nope not me.

And yesterday while: Action was sick with a high fever, Sassy played with a friend, Smiley took a nap, my Hubby watched Tiger lose the PGA, I did not hover over my sewing machine and make pacifier clips, key chains, and a tutu for Smiley (details on these projects to come). Because that would mean, my house is a mess, the kitchen is dirty and supper was not well thought out. It was NOT ME!

And lastly, It is most definitely NOT Me who is turning a year older today. Nope not me, I do not age.
On that note, I am signing off to play and relax today!


sawicky99 said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the tutu pics! I can't wait to see more! Super cute and of course...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! How fun for you! Have an amazing day!

maddie/cadesmimi said...

Just hopping by to visit your blog...Happy Birthday! I enjoyed your post. Kathy

Michelle said...

Happy birthday! Hope Action feels better soon!

BCR8iv said...

Happy birthday (late)!!! Hope you get to enjoy your day and your new book (I am patiently waiting, ok - maybe tapping my foot, rolling my eyes waiting for Kyleigh to finish it so I can read it!!!).