Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 1 and Day 2 down

Day 3 ~ this morning action came into my room at 6:25 with tears in his eyes....
He says to me, "Mom, can you call my teacher and tell her school is cancelled?" Thankfully with the help of Daddy, we got him all cheered up and excited once again for the day. Then on the way to the bus stop..... he stepped in dog poop. I mean really... on the sidewalk even! Come on people! So I ran home and cleaned up his shoe, and just as I was getting his shoe back on the bus pulled up and he took off with his sister. Whew! On a side note: This is another of the MANY reasons I don't allow shoes on in the house!

Original post:

Well.... Day 1 went down without a hitch. Sassy was excited to go to school and start 3rd grade. She was excited about her teacher and knew a few students in her class ~ there were lots of other classmates she recognized.

Action did not have regular class on Tuesday like his sister. He had family day. Action and I went to school together for 1 1/2 hours. There we met his teacher again, did a couple of projects and lucky me... I got to fill out the dreaded paperwork. I am thrilled with the teacher he has. Sassy had her too. She is such a sweet lady and actually brought in the outfit that she was going to wear the next day to school so the kindergartners would recognize her.

My hubby and I kept up conversation with Action about how he was feeling and about how he was/is brave and stressed that he would have fun at school. He just kept telling us he was nervous.

On to this morning (day 2)....

Action was up bright and early 6:15. Bubbly and goofy! He was giggly and seemed excited, but insisted he was only nervous. At 7:30 he was ready to go outside ~ mind you the bus doesn't pick up the kids until 8:35. So he scootered around and played a bit outside then came back in and played with his sisters until it was time to get some pictures of him and head down to the bus stop.

Here is a shot of all the kids in the neighborhood waiting for the bus

And then it came..... and off went my Sassy girl and my little big guy. Sassy was a great big sister and sat with him on the bus (said she would everyday until he doesn't want her to anymore), she led him in the right direction when the got to school and helped ease his nerves.

Once Sassy and Action were on their way, Smiley and I strolled back home. I looked at her and said, "Well little girl, its just you and mommy this morning."

Her response:

Oh, and if your wondering....

Action said he had a good 1st day in kindergarten. He said it was better than he thought it would be. And when he went to bed tonight.....

He asked, "How many more days until Saturday?"

You just have to love that kid!

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