Thursday, September 3, 2009

Open House

Last night we had open house at school. The kids are giddy with nervous excitement. But I have to admit as I sit here and think about school and them, I am sad. I am wondering where have my babies gone?

I myself, remember having a difficult time sleeping the night before a new school year.

I remember planning how I wanted my hair fixed and what I was going to wear ~ never mind that I wore a uniform from Kindergarten through 12 Grade. (Although once high school hit, there was more flexibility. )

I was excited to see my friends, meet my teachers and gulp.... have homework (for the first few weeks anyway).

But now as school is about to start for Sassy and Action, my excitement and anxieties still exist for school, but are different.

Will Sassy enjoy school? Will she meet new friends? Will she like her teacher? Will she gain more confidence and learn new things?

And Action....

My little Mama's boy off to kindergarten. Will he be nervous or scared? Will he cry? Will he like his teacher? Will he make lots of friends? Last night after open house I asked him if he was excited and he said, "I wish there was no such thing as school." I noticed the glistening of tears in his eyes as we drove out of the parking lot (and then he turned and hid his head).


As Sassy begins 3rd grade and Action starts kindergarten, I think my biggest questions and sources of anxiety are these:
* Where have my babies gone?
* Have I taught them the skills they need to be successful (I know it's kindergarten
and 3rd grade)?

Oh, where have my babies gone?

I must have blinked because it seems they have grown up so much ~ right before my very eyes!


sawicky99 said...

Yep...Made me get all teary...How is it that we are there for everything and still can't believe how fast the last years have gone! We have our open house tonight and I find myself doing the exact same things you are doing too!

BCR8iv said...

I sit here catching up on my favorite blogs and read this one this morning. Yesterday I just helped my little girl move into her dorm. Talk about those feelings you are describing bubbling up to the surface. Hopefully I somehow conveyed to her that I am confident she will do well and make great the same time hoping she understands she will be missed and always has a place at home. How come life is so darn complicated? :-)