Monday, September 14, 2009

What Privacy?

For those of you with children in your house.....

Are you like me and long for the day when you can take a shower or use the bathroom without someone knocking or just walking in?

This morning for example, I was showering while Smiley crawled around the bathroom floor, playing on the scale, mad that I put the garbage can out of reach, and trying to climb into the shower with me; Action waltzed in to tell me his shorts didn't feel quite right (a little quirk of his). Upon my explaining that I could not, at that moment help him out he decided to stay and entertain his sister. VERY HELPFUL! Of course, Sassy soon appeared needing my brush for her hair. I tell you it was one big party!

The days of quiet showers are gone for now. And as much as I miss them, I suspect when they are back I will long for them to go away.

Enjoy your family today ~ even the moments that drive you crazy!

Happy Monday everyone!

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Lisa Anne said...

I'm so there. I did a MEME or a Tag and one of the questions was where do you go over and over again. I put the TOILET as my answer because it's the only place I can seem to get peace and quiet. Even then my son and now my kitty are at the door knocking or sticking their paw under the door crying. Can't I get 5 minutes with my word search puzzle and some peace. LOL