Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Funny

Picture it:

This guy:

Sitting on this:

next to another child on their way home from Kindergarten.

The bus pulls up to the corner and stops.
Usually, as Action gets off the bus, he and the bus driver have a quick exchange of goodbyes and a high-five.

On this day though, as I watch, a conversation is in full swing. 
Questions being asked.
Answers being given. 
I however cannot hear the words being said.

Action, exits the bus.

The driver does NOT however, pull away like she typically does.
She gets up and walks to the back of the bus.

"what in the world....."

So I asked, "Hey Action, what were you guys talking about today?"

He replied, Well, I told my bus driver that "Sam" said
the F word.

I think to myself.
"Oh My, How would my little Action know the F word?  We don't say it at home, he doesn't watch tv shows that would use that particular word. Ugh ~ darn kids at school!

I calmly ask him what F word did Sam say on the bus?

I promised I wouldn't get mad.

Action looked up at me unconvinced.

I made my promise again.

He finally said,

He said the word FAT, and thats a bad word to say, isn't it mom.

Oh, I love the innocence of children!


I can't help but feel bad for little "Sam" on the bus.

Have a great weekend!



Jennifer said...

SO cute! :) You are right,the innocence of children is something wonderful.

Heather at All A Flutter said... haha!! i love it!

Amy @ Positively Splendid said...

What an adorable little story! This really made me smile. :) That innocence is something I truly cherish in my children.

Thanks so much for stopping by this week to comment on my tiered planter. I really appreciate it!

Happy Mothers' Day!

BCR8iv said...

That is funny! When I was little my parents would spell out swear words, subsequently I became a very good speller. The one that I didn't figure out until I was about 15 (yes, slow learner) was SOB. :-)

Jami Nato said...

hilarious! that's awesome that he knows that 'fat'is not a nice word. his future wife will be thrilled to have a man that knows that word is not allowed in the house. ha!

Rhiannon Nicole said...

Awe!! This is the cutest thing ever, I love this adorable story. Hope you Ma's Day was great today Wendy! XO

rebecca @ older and wisor said...


My son gave me a scare when he came down to report that his brother was saying "bad words" upstairs. "He said shut up AND hate, Mom, and I told him that I was telling!"

p.s I remember getting my mouth rinsed out with soap when I was in kindergarten because I taught my younger sisters a song that I had heard on the bus....that included the phrase "mother f%*#@!" I had NO idea what that meant....but my Mom had no mercy ;)