Monday, March 15, 2010

Not me Monday

Ah, its Monday, and you know what that means don't you?

Time for a few of the things I FOR SURE did not do. Because I am extremely organized and ALWAYS on top of things.....

I did not for example schedule a girls night out for the exact same night as Sassy's only 3rd grade concert. Yep, the one that she has a solo in. Nope, I would never forget about that.

And this morning, when I was squeezing in a quick e-mail check, I absolutely did not look at the clock on the computer, see 7:30 and think to myself hmmm, I have gotten a lot accomplished this morning in 35 mins. I had showered, fed the kids, finished the dishes and started laundry. I certainly didn't think "dang the kids don't have to be at the bus stop for another 50 minutes". And never, never would I then realize that that clock was one of the ones that never "sprung ahead". Of course we didn't miss the bus and I didn't have to drive them to school with 3 minutes to spare. Not me. Like I said, I am ORGANIZED!

So what haven't you done lately?


Mel said...

Once in high school, i missed a secret meeting with a crush during an overnight retreat b/c of the whole spring forward thing :)

Happy NOT Me!

Tasha Lehman said...

Oh we're still rushing late every morning since the time change! Whoops, did I just admit that out loud?