Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Warming up.

The thermometer shows this:

Instead of this:

With the sun streaming down, I feel like breaking this out:

Indulging in a drink:

Maybe a Stella (have I ever mentioned that I LOVE that name?  Hubby wasn't on board for that one :( so neither daughter has the name Stella):

Perhaps a Margarita (no salt):

Or a nice cold glass of Sangria:

Unfortunately, as I look around, I am reminded that it is STILL winter.

 Soon perhaps, very soon (I hope)!



Jennifer Juniper said...

I'll have a margarita WITH salt and we can pretend it's warm outside together :)

Jennifer said...

We were just talking today about all the snow that needs to melt and how BAD our country roads are going to be! We will be 'mudded' in instead of snowed in!! YIKES! :)

Joyeful said...

Ok, I may be in the south and we don't have snow but I'm so ready for spring, too! It's been too nasty. I can't wait for barbecues!

Jaime @ Our Journey said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my clothespins craft. We are hoping for Spring too!!

Lisa Anne said...

I'm right there with you. Only we have no snow. It's been rainign for days though and my pretty tulips I planted, yeah, all the pretty red flowers are gone. I hope they grow back.