Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Funny ~ It's that time!



No that doesn't mean I'm going crazy over here spring cleaning, wardrobe rotating or redecorating.....

Well, maybe a little bit of all 3 of those things, but really I'm thinking BASKETBALL!

Ok, you got me.

I'm not usually this excited about college basketball.


When I am invested, I become extremely competitive. 

And, I am invested or will be... SOON!

So for all of you who are thinking about filling out your own NCAA brackets this year, here are some not so good tips:

1.  Pick the team with the tougher mascot

2.  Go with the team whose school colors you like better

3.  You could always just flip a coin.

or just maybe you should....

4.  Cut out the names of the teams and have your child (or a friends child) draw them out of a hat.

Every year my goal, besides winning it all is to beat my Hubby.  Unfortunately that hasn't happened yet.
Maybe this will be my year.
Maybe I should watch as much basketball as he does.
Maybe NOT.

Now, my question to you:
Do you get sucked into this little thing called March Madness?

Do you have any not so good tips you'd like to share (so I can attempt to avoid them ☺)


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Lisa Anne said...

March Madness, Baseball...Seems all the sports are starting.