Monday, March 1, 2010

Redesign an old Frame

In my attempt to purge and organize, I came across a few picture frames that weren't currently being used.  I recalled seeing a ribbon picture frame at Home Goods and decided to attempt to redesign one of my old frames. 

Enter frame.  A wedding present.  Not displayed for years.  (Oh, who is that cute young couple?)

Armed with ribbon and a glue gun, I went to work.

Once the front of the frame was covered, I used a thinner ribbon to trim it out ~  I'm wishing I had a different ribbon or trim, but I was using what I had on hand.

Then, I pulled out some silky fabric, scissors, a candle, thread and a few beads and created a flower to glue on the frame.  You can check out the flower making process here from when I made headbands for my girls.

Voila ~ a redesigned frame ~ perfect for a little girl's room



Jennifer said...

So cute! I am lovin' that flower!!

Stephanie Lynn said...

How cute - Love the ribbons!

Lisa Anne said...

Very cute. I love how you added the flower. I'm totally going to check out how you created that. Very cool!

Vivienne said...

This is darling! What a great re-do. I love the stats on your babies and the pix of your crazy temps! (Ours are boring.)
(The temps, not the kids.)