Friday, December 4, 2009

ABC book ~ shhh.... Don't tell!

I know, I know, its Friday. And that means Friday Funny ~ well, read through to the end and hopefully you will get your smile on for the weekend!

But first I bring you a Christmas idea for the little ones in your life.

Personal, Handmade, Easy and Inexpensive! What more could you ask for in a gift?

Go get yourself a very cheap, flexible, photo album. One that holds 4x6 prints, is made of plastic (remember its for a child) and holds at least 26 pictures.

Next gather your pictures ~ one for every letter of the alphabet.

Add text to them.

Print them yourself, or upload them to get printed somewhere else.

Voila a little ABC book.

Here are some of the pictures I am using for Smiley's book (Don't tell her):

I am LOVING this book! Hopefully she will too!

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One more thing! Let's see if I can at least get you all to smile today:
Once again,
I was disqualified from my neighborhoods
"Best Decorated House"
contest due to my bad attitude!

*Quick disclaimer ~ no, this is not my house, but come back next week for a little holiday tour.*


Jennifer Juniper said...

This is a great gift! My kids would have loved this when they were small. (wistful sigh...)

sawicky99 said...

Love it! I have done peek-a-boo books like this in the past and I bet she would love that too...You take all of the pictures horizontally, and on the first picture you have the person cover their face and on the seconcd you have them uncover it...It's fun to see the way everyone does peek-a-boo, and it's a great way to have pictures of relatives that your little one doesn't see all the time...Our first two have them, but I dropped the ball on the third. They are still our favorites!

shelly said...

That is so cute!!! Makes me wish mine were whee ones again...kind of, maybe....yeah...never mind! LOVE the santa (I bet your neighbors love that it's not your house!)

happy mama said...

Great idea sawicky99! She may get 2 books for christmas!

Happy Mom said...

Man, I really need to up my Mommy game!

Beachbrights said...

This is way cool!


Fawn@Party of Five said...

Excellent idea! I've been meaning to do something similar, but my boys will probably have to expect is as their college graduation gift ;)