Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Funny ~ Frozen Edition

Have you seen the movie Frozen?  We saw it back in December and the kids have been singing songs from the movie ever since (which from the looks of youtube and Facebook, so have everyone else's kids).

Smiley loves and sings all of the songs from Frozen, but typically can be heard singing "Let it Go"

Let me note, Smiley sings!  Seriously, as I am typing she is sitting next to me singing "You and me baby we're stuck like glue."  She makes up songs, she'll sing a piece of one song and combine it with a verse of another.  There is noise constantly coming out of this girls mouth (when she's not eating something ~ the girl could snack morning, noon and night).  Here is a little video of her coloring and unconsciously singing "Let it Go" :

I have to admit,  I loved this movie and the music is great.  However,  after you hear it day in and day out, it begins to wear on you a bit and I admit, I have told her, "Okay, all done singing!"  When I heard this version on YouTube, I laughed and absolutely related:

Have a great weekend!

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