Monday, March 1, 2010

Not Me Monday


Its been awhile since I've Linked up and posted a Not Me Monday, but as I was looking around today I realized..... well, see for yourselves:

It is "Not Me" who completely skipped the month of February.......

It was also "Not Me" who the other day realized that this wall has looked like this since February 19th. Yep, and that would be February of 2009 when we had to get some plumbing fixed. Which was also the day we had 5 extra adults staying with us for the weekend. The weekend we hosted 20 people for brunch and flew to Florida for vacation the next day. Hmmm, maybe this year. In my defense this wall is in our narrow hallway upstairs across from our Master bedroom. It's not like its SUPER noticeable :)

It is NOT ME who had a huge ice dam on my house (thankfully my hubby is super handy and is getting things taken care of)

And finally, it is NOT ME who still has Christmas Decorations up.  Don't judge, it's outside and it's been really, really cold here. And it is a 2 story arch.  But this week it is suppose to warm up so maybe, just maybe .... :)

Thats it for now ~ because It IS ME who is babysitting my neighbors adorable baby boy today and it IS ME whose lovely daughter just unloaded the napkin drawer. 


Head over to MckMama's blog and tell the world what you haven't done lately (and let me know if you do )


Lisa Anne said...

This sounds like a fun MEME.

Rudy Rukus said...

That is awesome! You should see my house. I wish I would have skipped Feb. because it is brutal around here between the snow and the cold I am so glad it is March! Visiting from MckMama's

Jennifer said...

That is funny! I was kinda thinking that same thing... MARCH... what, already?! And if you looked at our upstairs hallway... you would see lots of patching. I was planning on painting (a long time ago) and just have not gotten to it... yet! You are not alone!! ;)

Faith said...

Hey! I got here from MckMama's blog. Yeah I'm NOT procrastinating or anything ;)
Now I feel a little better that my mather bathroom has been left half-painted for about two years now and I just now took my little christmas tree down, but really only because I'm packing for our move.
Thanks for sharing!