Monday, November 15, 2010

Yarn Storage

I started with a couple of these:

Spray painted them ~ I used yellow and silver (no photos so you'll have to use your imagination ☺)

Glued them together ~ I used gorilla glue ('cause that's what was close) ~ then clamped them together until the glue dried.

Hung them up on the wall ~ by  driving a screw through the bottom of a couple of the cans and into a stud (in my beautifully unfinished, windowless, storage/craft hole in the basement ~ and I say that lovingly ☺ ~ which is why the pictures are SO good!)

Finally, I put some yarn in them.  I have lots more yarn, but as much as I like coffee, I just can't seem to go through cans that quickly, so I'll be saving cans and adding them in.

Really though, you don't have to put yarn in them ~ spray paint, brushes, whatever your heart desires.


alicia said...

That's great! I don't really ever use yarn, but now wish I did so that I could have it on my wall like artwork! ;)

Abbey said...

AWESOME! What a colorful way to display it all!!! I am always forgetting what colors I have cause they all get hidden in a drawer! I'm so doing this! Going to drink some coffee now! Thanks!

BeCr8iv said...

FUN! I am always more inspired when I can look at my supplies. This is a great solution for storage!