Thursday, June 3, 2010

Embracing the camera ~ and Vacation

Not so smiley
as we speed down the river in our boat

(yep, notice the strategically placed napkin being used as a drool catcher

If you read my last post, you already know that we left our technology at home, hitched up our boat (maybe I didn't mention that part) and drove about 400 miles (800 round trip) to get away and meet up with some other family members.

We mostly fished.
and while we waited to hook the big one:
♦ Some of us read (me).
♦ Some of us cried (Smiley wasn't not loving the boat.  I think it was a combination of being enclosed ~ she is kind of a free spirit ~ and having to wear a life jacket, I understand that it is not the most comfortable, but no exceptions!)
♦ Some of us played with our DS (Sassy)

When we weren't fishing, we were:
Enjoying our family.

We also found some time to golf.  Except someone forgot to pack my golf clubs.
My left handed ones.
Everyone else is right handed.

Oh well,
Turned out I didn't need them.
Smiley ended up with a temp of 103 and only wanted her mama (yep, the one without golf clubs) and to sleep.

But the rest of the family golfed.
and I sat on the porch at Grandpa and Grandma's house and watched while I held and snuggled my baby.

We had a great time.
Now, to catch up on e-mails and laundry!


the treat girl said...

Thanks again Miss!! I loved the glimpse into your mini vacay! That Smiley is a TROOPER!!!!! Hope she's feeling better!

emily said...

love the picture...what a sweet little thing :)

hope she's feeling better, but it sounded like ya'll had fun!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Welcome home! I'm learning to golf this summer - so excited!

Jami Nato said...

super cute pic on the boat! and look at your kids...already golfing at such a youg age.