Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hello... Any IDOL dorks out there????

Here is the dealio....

My friend, the one and only Jennifer Juniper from Hope Studios and I have formed our very own American Idol Fantasy league.  Weird, NO!  We are not weird!  We just know how to have a good time :)

See here were are judging the contestants:

Man we're hot (in a creepy weird sort of way)!

Anyway, now all we need are a few good players!

And like her darling hubby, "The big guy" mine is also not allowed to play!  

Why?  He makes fun of me for watching,  while he prefers to watch boring stuff like sports or Fox News.  And even when did watch (as in, when he was forced to because I was completely in control of the remote and he wanted to hang out with me), he could not focus on the music because he was too busy going coo coo for 

Miss Pia  Toscano

and Miss Julie Zorrilla

Really, he just can't be trusted to judge music!

ANYWAY, I hope you come over to fantasy land with us!

VOTING STARTS TONIGHT, so hurry up and
Send me an e-mail at
then, I will get you the link and instructions to sign up!

***Oh, and one more thing... it is completely free to sign up and the grand prize for winning? 
 Pure Pride :) ***

1 comment:

Jennifer Juniper said...

Dorks unite! I'm so excited, because my new TV in the basement is finally set up with surround sound for tonight!