Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sassy and her 544.......

I've mentioned before  that my Sassy girl loves to read.

She doesn't just love to read, she LOVES to read.

Friday she came home from school with this book

by: Brian Selznick


She was finished reading it come Monday.

All 544 pages of it.

54.  Reorganizing
55.  that I am able to help
56.  A sequined deal :)
57.  The help of my parents
58.  A dinner invitation
59.  A day of nothing


Laurie J said...

ahhh... I remember the days of 500+ page books devoured! that's so wonderful that your daughter has the love of reading :)

Jennifer Juniper said...

Holy smokes! I was like that when I was younger, I loved to wake up early to read in bed. It was such a luxury!

the treat girl said...

That is T's FAV book!!! I think he's read it 3 times!!!! I would read under the covers at night with my flashlight when I was supposed to be in bed sleeping :)