Sunday, February 27, 2011

Something to Think About Sunday ~ The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift

Last Wednesday, I was driving with Sassy and Action.

We happened to drive past a cemetery.

Action expressed that "so many people have died."

Sassy replied, "But Action, the people who have died, have received the greatest gift!"

Picture a confused look on Actions face
(after all, those people are dead, how can they get a gift?)

She continued, explaining,
"They are alive, in heaven with God.
Their bodies are buried, but their souls are in heaven, and God has made them new!
They can't come down to earth, but they can watch over all of their loved ones!
See Action, it's the GREATEST GIFT!"

I just drove, smiling because it is a Great Gift, and she understands it so well, even at 9 years old.


Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

You have certainly raised a precious girl! She is so, so right! Hope you had a wonderful weekend Wendy. :)

the treat girl said...

Oh, that lucky girl!!!!!!