Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Funny

brought to you today by my kids:

First of all Smiley ~ the girl can NOT sit still when music is involved.  She loves a good beat and her current favorite songs are Dynamite by  Taio Cruz and G6 by Far East Movement and Just a Dream by Nelly.  You can see for yourself in this horrible quality video :)  By the way the song she is jammin' to is California Gurls by Katy Perry.

And a couple of jokes via Sassy and Action:

Why did the turkey cross the road?

Because he wanted to prove he wasn't a chicken.


A man went to the toilet store to buy a toilet.

He had the choices of:
a wooden toilet
a glass toilet 
a singing toilet.

He tried the wooden one and it gave him a sliver.

He tried the glass one.  It shattered.

He tried the singing one and he liked it. So he bought it.

That  night, in the middle of the night he had to go to the bathroom.
When he sat on his new singing toilet it started singing, 



Happy Friday!!!!

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