Sunday, June 27, 2010

Something to think about Sunday ~ 90/10

Summer is in full swing.

The kids are full of energy.

Sometimes good.

Sometimes bad.

Either way, this e-mail I received awhile ago pops into my head whenever I feel stressed or on edge.

What  a BEAUTIFUL theory!

It's kind of long, but I hope you will take the time to read through it.

Can you imagine how different your life and the lives of others would be if we just thought a second longer before we reacted to a situation?

Have an AMAZING Sunday!



Jennifer Juniper said...

This is a really great way to view life. I will have to remember this and take a second before reacting too!

the treat girl said...

I know I really need to take a deep breath before I react more often....epecially now that everyone is home for the summer!

Happy Mom said...

This is a great reminder. I love it and appreaciate the reminder.