Friday, February 3, 2012

If he would have only listened.....

It has been one week since the traumatic event occurred.
Well, traumatic for Action.  The rest of us were fine.

It was a Friday night like most of our Friday nights these days.  Kids basketball games.  This time only Action had a game.  Sassy had the night off.  When the game was over, we piled in the vehicle and came home.  Hubs and I were going about our business... reading the paper, folding laundry when all of a sudden a few feet away we heard a huge crash followed by a scream and hysterical crying.

What happened you ask?

I will preface by saying: I've told the kids over and over and over and....... well, you get the point.  NOT to rock in their chairs.  

The story goes, that as Action was coloring at the island in the kitchen, he was also rocking in his barstool.  When his barstool lost its balance, he came crashing down.  When he came crashing down, his face hit the counter and OUT popped his tooth.  Yep, the one that is front and center.  Thankfully this was still a baby tooth and not a permanent one.  Unfortunately it wasn't loose at all ~ the one next to it was though.  Funny thing is he actually caught the tooth as it came flying out, in his hand.

Anyway, for some reason, this kid is terrified of losing teeth.  The first tooth he lost, fell out while he was eating lunch at school.  What was he eating you ask?  An apple, a piece of celery, chicken perhaps?  Nope, a banana.  That thing was barely hanging on I tell you!  But that isn't even the worst part.  Action is absolutely scared to death of blood.  Not just anyones.  His own.  

We had ourselves a double wammy going on. Lost tooth AND blood.  That together equals hysteria.  I was trying to be the good Mommy.  You know comforting, loving and consoling.  But sheesh.... quit crying already.  You're going to be ok.  AND I told you..... NEVER rock in the chairs!!!!!

I think he learned his lesson!

The funny thing is, while he is terrified of losing teeth, Sassy on the other hand, can't get them out of her mouth fast enough and spend all day Saturday tormenting a tooth in her mouth that is loose.  When she couldn't get it by hand, she actually asked her Dad to get the plier.  As of today, that sucker is still in her mouth.

It always amazes me how kids can be so different!


the treat girl said...

Awwwhh!!!!!!!!! I hear with the warnings over and over! He looks pretty "smiley" though :) And I have the same thing over here....Cindylou would work her tooth for HOURS getting them out....then when Cubby started losing them she would take him into the bathroom and work him over too!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Thank goodness it's a baby tooth! I'm so afraid my boys are going to knock out a permanent tooth someday!