Friday, February 10, 2012

$6000 Question

Hey friends!

I need your help, experience and expertise.

You see, I am trying to decide between:





Traditional braces
(if I chose this option, I would go with the ceramic ones on the left)

The cost difference is minimal.  Both would be treatment for about 15 months.

So I am asking you, since next Tuesday is decision day......

Have you had either?

What did you like?

What didn't you like?


Ruthie Hart said...

I had traditional metal braces when I was in middle school...they were pretty painless and off quickly. My mom had the ceramic ones at age 40 and she is SO glad she got them!

Stephanie said...

Hey! Been reading here for a while and I LOVE your blog. Anyway - I had the traditional ones back in middle/high school, but have a friend who did invisalign. It was ok having the regular ones - probably a little painful either way you go but whatever you do.....after your treatment is all done - WEAR YOUR RETAINERS!!! Your teeth have a memory...(cue scary music) and if you don't wear them, your teeth could go back to what they were. I am 35 and had mine off when I was 15 and I still wear the same retainer...ok gross, but my teeth haven't moved!!! Good luck!