Monday, November 21, 2011

New Again

My Grandpa was an antique collector.

So much so that when he passed away, my family held a auction sale.  5 days one week.  1 more day a little while later.

I was a poor college student at the time, so I didn't have the opportunity to acquire much.  I did however, get this chair

(it already had one seat recover ~ the covering it had when I purchased it, left something to be desired).

No, it isn't an expensive piece of furniture, but I love that it is a folding chair and while it probably was never in his house, it reminds me of my Grandpa whenever I walk past it.

Anyway, I was ready to give it another face lift.

I decided to paint it.  However I didn't want to paint the metal folding brackets.  Not that we fold it often, or ever really, but I didn't want them to chip if they did and I thought they created some interest.  So first things first.  I took it all apart ~ and said a little prayer that I would remember where all of the screws went  so I could put it back together.

I wiped it down.

Sprayed it with a coat of Kiltz primer.

Then with a few coats of satin white spray paint.

Recovered the seat.

And miraculously put it back together!

However, once it was together ~ minus the seat, I felt like it was too bright.... too white.

So, I pulled out my sandpaper.

Roughed it up a bit, to give it some signs of wear and tear.

Then added a bit of stain for a little depth.

Voila ~ My old chair with a bit of a face lift:

I love it!


Jamie said...

It's absolutely beautiful! I would have been so scared to take it all apart :)

Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

This is amazing -- you did such a great job. What a pretty chair :)


BeCr8iv said...

I am impressed! Not because I didn't think you could do it, because I would have be nervous to try it. Turned out great!!! Such a talented lady!!

Sarah said...

Wow, what a transformation! The chair looks great in white.

Thanks for stopping by my blog this week. Make sure to enter to win a rosette necklace- today is the last day!

Ruthie Hart said...


Shay said...

It looks so good! Thanks for sharing! Shay :)

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, that is seriously gorgeous!!!! You did an amazing job!!

Jennifer Juniper said...

I can't believe you actually got it back together! I love how it turned out.

I started reading that book and I'm in the very beginning, so it's told from "death"'s perspective? I can't wait to see what happens next!

Just Jaime said...

Love the colors! Great redo!