Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We made it

Ahh.... Halloween is over.

We made it.

Hubby and I made it through a couple of adult parties

We made it to the corn maze (where Smiley thought we were hunting for pheasants) 
where besides the maze itself there is:

A Corn Pit

Pedal Car Racing

Pumpkin shaped bounce house

Cut outs

Potato Slinging

And also where we nabbed the perfect pumpkins.

To carve 

(Action has never liked the feel of "pumpkin guts", Smiley wasn't so sure at first, but by the end,
I couldn't get her out of the "guts" bowl!)

And enjoy

We made it through a spooky dinner consisting of:


We made it through a night of
Princesses, gypsies, and "scary guys"

And enjoyed a little self induced sugar coma.

Did you all make it?


Jennifer Juniper said...

We missed the pumpkin farm this year because of rain and football :( But we did carve and trick or treat! I have to return all the stuff I bought for my Peacock costume because we never made it to our adult party!

Val said...

These are the best Halloween pics!!

Melissa said...

I love your costumes. Yikes!!

Potato slinging?? now that sounds like fun?