Monday, May 30, 2011

First time this year

A week ago, we headed out of state for a long weekend to get together with family and friends for some fishing, laughing, swimming, food and conversation.  This is an annual event and one that my family looks forward to every year (2009, 2010).

Come and see for yourself:

Fishing ~ and do you see how my rod is bent?  
I have a fish on the end of that baby!  
Time to put down the camera and focus on the task at hand!

The view...
Beautiful as always

But alas, someone NEEDED a nap and well, napping on the boat just isn't her cup of tea.  Actually, napping anywhere other than her crib or pack-n-play doesn't happen too often.

Splashing, Swimming with cousins and with Daddy

Day 2, more of the same.  But, on this day, someone surprised us all and actually crashed!  Yay!

And we caught our limit of fish!  

The first of many boating adventures of the season!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

She looks like she had too much to drink :) Ha!