Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Family Time

What a wonderful long memorial weekend we had!

It started as a:
~DVD watching
~smiley squealing
~sunflower seed cracking
~political radio listening
~book/magazine reading

5 hour of fun car ride (with 2 more hours the next morning)

Once we got to where we were going though we enjoyed every minute.

It was our first fishing adventure of the season (plus some swimming time,golfing time and just plain old family time!)

Fun fishing

Nap time on the boat

Our Family


We went on this trip with my in-laws (definitely not out-laws). The first day we all went fishing and of course, the fish were not biting.

Day 2 ~ My darling husband and his dad went fishing and of course caught their limit. The rest of us... we kept busy at the hotel. And thanks to Grandma (Thank you! Thank you! Grandma!)~ I actually was able to rest a bit (Someone had to stay close to the room ~ holding down a blanket and lounging in the sun~ while smiley took a much needed nap.) We did find out or actually reestablish the fact that Smiley LOVES water (she cried when I took her out of the pool ~ after over an hour of being in the pool mind you), Action could throw rocks into large areas of water for hours and Sassy, well she is mesmerized by the television. The evening was spent swimming, playing games and relaxing.

Day 3 ~ Once again the big guys went fishing. Action wanted to go, but when daddy woke him up at 6, he changed his mind and decide sleeping sounded like a better idea. Once again they caught their limit. We packed up and headed back to Grandpa and Grandma's house. The rest of the day was pretty much spent on the golf course.

Day 4 can you believe it.... more golf?

And then for the fun 5 hour trip back home.

~DVD watching
~Smiley yelling/crying (the car seat is not her favorite thing)
~Couldn't tell you what was on the radio
~small amount of book reading
~lots of singing and playing with smiley (who was not so smiley!)

A marvelous weekend! I hope you were able to enjoy it with your families!

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