Sunday, October 17, 2010

Something to Think About Sunday

Did you know that this week is designated as "Eliminate Fat Talk" week.

What does this mean? 

It means, can you go the entire week not putting yourself or others down because of weight, or another physical attribute?  Can you embrace who you are and love yourself for it?

Instead of saying something negative about your body or someone elses body, can you change your thinking and find something positive in yourself or other person.  Try it for a week ~ I dare you.   Even better, continue that week on indefinitely!

We are all beautiful, we are all different and unique ~ Embrace the person you are!

Be Healthy
Be Confident
Be Happy
Be Yourself

Spread the word and don't forget to share a compliment :)

Be Blessed!


the treat girl said...

hmmmmm....who thinks these weeks up???? I'll give it a try.....I know it will be harder than I think!!!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Whoops, I already failed this week. Maybe next week?

Rhiannon Nicole said...

Yay!!! Love this. Here goes nothing :) XO