Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Do you believe?

With Halloween just around the corner, it seems that there are always "ghost stories" being shown on TV.  The other day I flipped the TV on while I started making dinner, and I came across a show in which different celebrities were telling of their ghostly encounters.  It got me wondering, Do you, my fabulous readers, believe in ghosts?  Have you encountered strange things that you just can't explain?

I do, and I have ~ here is one of my stories........


Growing up, my family and I lived in a small, comfortable home (although now, I'm sure I would describe it more as tiny instead of small).  When I was in high school, my room was in the basement.  It was a finished basement, but it felt dark.  It didn't have a walkout, or egress windows, but it did have a full kitchen, 3/4 bath, 2 bedrooms and a living room complete with fireplace. 

Anyway, I was getting ready for school one morning.  It was early, 6:30 ish, and I was the only one in the basement, my music was crankin' (on my brand new 5 disc CD changer that I had just proudly purchased ☺)  and I was in the bathroom fixing my hair and doing my make-up. 

All of a sudden, my music stopped.  I thought maybe it was a reception glitch ~ after all, I was listening to the radio and not a CD.  But when I walked into my room to check it out, the whole system was turned off.  I turned it back on and walked back to the bathroom (which by the way, was through the living room, into the kitchen, through a hallway and around the corner).  When I got to the bathroom the radio turned off again.  I went back and turned it on again.  This happened just like this 2 more times.  

That last time though, after I turned it back on, I only made it the doorway of my room when it turned off again.  I walked back to the stereo, very frustrated, turned it back on again and loudly stated, "Could you please, stop turning the radio off!"


You guessed it, it didn't turn off again.

Weird huh?


So, do you believe?

I've got a couple more stories for you.....
Come back Friday and Sunday for more. 

Oh, and I want to hear your stories so on Sunday I will put a linky up for a few days so you can tell us your ghost stories ~ So get prepared!  I'm ready to be freaked out!!!!!


Rhiannon Nicole said...

Whaaaa creepy stuff Wendy!! Can't wait to hear more gorgeous xo

Lynn said...

Hi Wendy! Oh yes, I sure do believe in ghosts! Here's one of my many stories.. This happened around 38 years ago or so..

My husband and I were fast asleep upstairs in our bedroom when we were waken up by a loud noise that sounded like my pots and pans were falling all over the place... I kept my pots and pans in the cabinet that was underneath my built in countertop electric stove, and they weren't placed inside each other, as they were all placed singly inside the cabinet.. But, anyhow, we both went downstairs to see what was going on, and I opened up my cabinet doors to find my pots and pans sitting in the order as I had always kept them in... Nothing was out of place.. To this day, I still recall the loud noises of those pots and pans falling.. and I'm so glad that my husband also heard all the noise too!

The home we lived in was haunted. I checked with the lady and her husband who lived in the home that we bought, and she said that she had heard different things too while they lived there. The pots and pans are only one of many stories I could share...

Over the years, I have lived in 2 homes that have been haunted by ghosts.. Oh yes, I do believe in ghosts, and so does my family!