Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Step out from behind the camera ~ Day 2

Emily is challenging us mamas this week to get out from behind the camera and get in front of it.
It is a week long daily challenge.

And although I'm already a day late, I am taking the challenge:
Day 2 ~ For me: DAY 1

Action and I
on our way to Sassy's softball game

Which her team won, and no one melted. ☺

Tomorrow ~ day 3 of the challenge ~ my day 2 (oops)

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emily said...

great pic wendy! love that you are participating :)

the treat girl said...

What great smiles!! Aren't you guys loving this great weather too??? It's been sooo beautiful here all week!!! Enjoy.

Jennifer said...

Aww... you two are SO cute! And those dimples... adorable!!

Birdie3008 said...

Sweet picture :) He looks happy to be posing with his mama!

Lori said...

This is SUCH a sweet picture and, yeah, I saw that challenge, too. I was SO photogenic in my 20's, 30's and the first half of my 40's. Then I don't know what happened. Something exploded or imploded. I haven't figured it out yet. But YOU, you and the kiddo have got it going on. Nice pic. (clearly I need my afternoon coffee - I'm babbling)