Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How to survive...

without a washing machine and dryer for a week.

Why you ask?

Ours were removed for a bit of a remodel.

New flooring.

New paint.


well, you'll have to wait a little bit.

Anyway, after a week and a half without doing any laundry and still not having it hooked up.  Here's what I did to solve our dirty laundry (and lack of clean underoos......) dilema:

Yep, thats my bag of quarters lying there on the counter.


Do you see those big silver washing machines in the back corner there?

Yep, you can shove a TON of laundry in those babies! I had at least 4 loads in each one.  35 mins later and they were done washing!  Now, between those 2 HUGE loads and about 8 other loads, we were there for awhile.

So, make sure you bring plenty of treats and magazines for any wee helpers you have with you.

Finally after everything is folded and you are back home...

Beg and plead with your family members to put their own laundry away. 

Um, yeah, if you find a way to get that to work, will you please write a tutorial on it.


Stay tuned for the finished room .


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come back tomorrow (yep, me begging again....) because I have a design dilemma and I NEED your HELP!


Jennifer Juniper said...

Actually, I love this photo of the line of washers - you should frame it to add to new laundry room!

Debbie said...

Very cool picture! I have not seen a laundramat in years! This would be a great picture in your laundry room, perhaps black and white.

Cindy said...

Just stumbled into your blog.
Looks like a fun place to hang out!:)
I'll be back!:)
Enjoy the day!