Monday, November 16, 2009

A girls WEEKEND that turned into a girls DAY

The planning started weeks ago. We were looking forward to getting away. Away from our hubbies, and kiddos (don't get me wrong, we love them DEARLY!). For an entire weekend.

Then one gal couldn't go.
The other had sick kids and ended up getting sick.
I came down with a kick you in the butt cold.

So it was down to 1. Her getaway ended up being about 20 mins away at her moms house. Still, no kids or hubby. Relaxing, sleeping in, no looming laundry, nothing to plan, no one to drive here or there. Ugh, why did I get sick?

Anyway, Friday night I decided I was tentatively going to meet up with them (my friend and her very sweet mom) on Saturday morning for a girls day.

Saturday morning came and I felt good. Not myself, a little tired and not much for a voice, but good.

We drove downtown and ate at a very yummy, little cafe. Mmmm, a perfect way to start the day.

Then we drove to a quaint little river town full of little shops, clothes, gifts, antiques, candy, cooking.... you get it, a little of everything.

Here are a couple pics:

A cute antique step stool/chair

Inside a cute antique shop:

A staircase (did I mention never ending?)calling out to us from the end of a quaint little street:

An unfortunately blurry view from the top (it was beautiful):

We had fun. We ate good food. We had no worries.

I went home happy but wiped out.

I haven't had a voice since. So today, is just one of those days. My cold is in full swing, and I think it's time for a nap.

See you all tomorrow!

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the treat girl said...

awwwhhhhh.......bummer!! At least you got out a little bit....get the girls to get their calendars out and RESCHEDULE!!