Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ordinary Miracles (7)

Happy Monday....Wait how is it Wednesday already?  Sheesh, time flies!  Anyway, I've been thinking back on the past week and reflecting on the beauty in my daily happenings.  The Ordinary Miracles.  I know not every day is a good day, but there IS something good in everyday! 

◆ Last week Hubby was gone quite a bit.  Out of the last 12 days, he has been home 4 ~ and that is piecing some together to equal one.  The days he was home, felt like little miracles.  But I had a lot of fun with these three:

◆ Both Action and Sassy had try outs for their spring/summer sports ~ baseball and softball.  We haven't heard how they have done, but they both left tryouts feeling good about their performances.

◆ The weather was cold (lots of negative numbers), but since the sun is coming up later (until we spring forward next weekend anyway),  I was able to witness a few beautiful sunrises on my way home from the health club.

◆ Sassy made chocolate chip muffins for breakfast.  Is it just me, or do you find food just tastes better when someone else makes it?  These were quite yummy and it felt like an ordinary miracle to see her in the kitchen with her little sister following her every move.

Anyway, I hope you'll look back at your week and think about the ordinary things, people, places or happenings that took place in your life.  The ordinary that is usually taken for granted.  Tell me what miracles occurred in your life!


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