Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ordinary Miracles (10)

Did you have a good week last week?  I hope so!  Today I am doing a little reflecting myself, and remembering some of the Ordinary Miracles I was able to witness.  So many little miracles happen in our lives each day ~ a sunny day, a smile from a stranger, or simply being able to  spend time with a loved one ~  I was able to stop and see some Ordinary Miracles and I hope you were too!

Hubby's parents came up for a visit.  Typically when they visit, we have a schedule to adhere to.  We are usually cheering one of the kids on at one of their sporting events.  However, this time was different.  No agenda.  We stayed up late playing cards, slept in, went bowling, shopping, out for dinner.  It was a nice, relaxing few days.  
(We did cosmic bowling and all I had was my phone ~ and the pic quality shows that)

Hubby was out of town last week, traveling for work.  Typically when he is home, I wake up early (4:45am) and head out the door to get a workout in at our health club.   However, since he was gone, I worked out later in the morning.  I was running on a treadmill that faces the indoor track.  On the track there was an older gentleman walking who I would guess to be in his mid to late 70's.  I've seen this man before, and his resemblance to my late grandfather is uncanny.  Every time I see him I can feel a smile spread across my face as I am transported back in time.  It's like I can feel that my grandfather is with me.  Definitely an Ordinary Miracle.

I hope as you look back at your week and continue on this week, you stop and think about the ordinary things, people, places or happenings that took place in your life.  The ordinary miracles that are usually taken for granted.  

Tell me what miracles occurred in your life!

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