Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Quite honestly I have today planned out.

Kids off to school
Good, hard workout for myself
Drop Smiley off at a friends house
Dental appointment for myself
Pick Smiley up
Quick stop at the grocery store
Home for lunch
Read a few books
Put Smiley down for a nap
Prime some trim ~ around a door and two windows
Clean the house and work on laundry
Listen to the sound of the mood of the house change as Sassy and Action blow in from school
Have one of Sassy's friends come over for the evening to help her Dad out
Church for Sassy and Action
Hang out/family time ~ probably with American Idol on in the background.
Bath night for Smiley
Chat with Sassy's friend's dad
Get Sassy, Action and Smiley ready for and settled in bed
Put my feet up and relax.

But I received a phone call at 6am and my plans kind of went right out the window.

The phone call was from the kids' school.

Today is a SNOW DAY!

This will be the first snow day since Sassy started going to preschool 7 years ago.  (When I was growing up it seemed we had at least a couple per season)

The kids are still asleep and they will be beyond EXCITED to hear the news.

Me, well I will need to adjust my schedule and my plans for the day.

I guess a snow day is a small reminder to me from God, that I am not in charge.  He is truly in charge.

Proverbs 19:21

Many are the plans of the human heart,
but it is the decision of the LORD that endures.

The kids were/are excited 
their typical cereal breakfast turned into french toast and strawberries 
and now I am savoring the laughter and giggles as they play together...nicely for now anyway :)

Oh, and what are they playing you ask?

School, of course! 


hill said...

love this. what a beautiful example of our plans compared to God's. thanks for linking up!

Jennifer Juniper said...

It always happens like this - I was going to ask you how you were going to get all this accomplished anyway!

We haven't had a snow day yet this year and I can't remember that ever happening since my kids have been in school!