Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Facts

Ready for my factual friday?

Here are the facts of the week:

Fact:  My siblings and I achieved the element of surprise when we threw a 40th anniversary party for my parents.

Fact:  We took the kids to see Santa.   Only one child was a bit bummed when we left.  Santa wasn't so sure about the gift that was requested.

Fact:  Santa, choir (Sassy), basketball (Sassy), church, basketball (Action), shopping, football (yes, that was a Steeler victory I'm talking about) and basketball (Action's game).  These were the evening events this week (including tonight) at our house this week.

Fact:  I have a bad nagging cold with a very annoying cough.  It is also making me sort of crabby (sorry honey!)

Fact:  Finally all of the Christmas decorations are up.

Fact:  I was not very consistent in my working out this week.  I blame my cold.

Fact:  Smiley had an eye appointment yesterday.  Man that girl has come a LONG way since last spring.  Remember her eye crossing?  How about her 20/40 vision (which was typical for her age) or her broken glasses.... more than once (I think in 4 months I used the warranty 2 times, not to mention the numerous times we went back for minor and major adjustments).
Do you remember her surgery last August.  The fear of the unknown for me, wondering if we had made the right choice.  Fearing that a mistake could be made.

Well, yesterday she flew through her eye exam, doing things she hadn't done before.  You see before she couldn't see in 3D.  Yesterday though, no problem.  Before her eyes were crossed.  Not yesterday,  And before her vision was 20/40.  Yesterday she tested at 20/25.  Wow!  What a difference a few months make!

Fact:  Sassy had an enormous amount of homework last night.  The most she has had in awhile.  I love that she can sit, focus and get it done.  That makes my job as a parent so much easier.

Fact:  Action has been outside sledding and snowboarding well past dark (come on people, it gets dark before 5).  He is loving the snow and the cold.

Fact:  I'm typing this right now, at the kitchen table, in my comfy clothes and slippers, with no noise except for the spinning of the washing machine.  But, that is all about to change.  The pitter patter of little feet will soon be present.  So I am off.   Enjoy your Friday!  Hoping to get the perfect Christmas card picture tomorrow.  Wish me luck :)


Jennifer Juniper said...

What in the world was the gift request???

Smiley HAS come a long way! Whew!

Had our Soul Sisters dinner last night and talked about you like you live here :)

Sandra Kohlmann said...

That's one busy week! I am so glad that all is well with Smiley's eyes and that she had the surgery. My dad didn't want a little kid with a patch and didn't want to spend money on getting my wonky eye corrected. I was mercilessly teased for 10 years. School was miserable for me. All anyone could see was my crossed eye. What a difference that surgery would have made for me (not to mention my vision)! Way to take great care of your amazing family!

Ruthie Hart said...

So happy for your little Smiley!