Monday, December 12, 2011

Visiting the Jolly old Man and Santa... if you're reading this:

Last week, I mentioned we took the kids to see Santa.

It seems 2 of 3 kids have some high expectations this year.

Sassy asked for a nice camera "with lenses that can be changed and zoom in and out.  Like my mom's."
FYI, "mom's" camera is a Nikon D90.

TO SANTA ~ if your not to busy to read this:

Santa, here is my word of advice.  Sassy loves to take pictures.  She wants to be a photographer when she grows up.  However, I think it's a bit risky to give such a nice camera to a 10 year old.  Not that she wouldn't take care of it, or doesn't deserve it, because for the most part ☺ she is a really great girl.  Respectful, hardworking, honest, helpful.  Don't get me wrong, I get the sass now and again ~ that is her nickname ~ and she does bother her brother and sister from time to time.  But anyway, I just think that that camera may be a bit fancy to take on school field trips, to the lake, camping and places like that, which I know is where she wants to use it.  A camera perhaps, maybe just not that one :)

Action.  Action looked at Santa with his baby blues and LONG eye lashes.  Flashed his charming, dimpled smile and told Santa he really wants a puppy.


Santa, you were right to tell him that you would only bring him a puppy if it was ok with Dad and Mom.  Because quite honestly, one dog in the house is quite enough.  He certainly was bummed that night.  But I'm glad you were honest with him.  I appreciate that.   Especially after the time he asked for a punching bag and you asked him, "isn't that what your sister is for?" I still haven't gotten over that one!  Besides a puppy though, I'm not quite sure what he wants for Christmas.  I hope you or your elves have been watching.  If you come up with any ideas I could use, please let me know.... my email is  Thanks!

Smiley was excited and nervous to see Santa. She had really been thinking hard about what she was going to ask for when she got on his lap and had her opportunity.    Lipstick.  Lipstick is all she could come up with when her time came.


So little Smiley climbed on your lap with the help of her sister, smiled for a picture and then it was time.  Time to tell you all of the things she was hoping for.  And what did she tell you?  Lipstick.  And she does want lipstick, let me tell you.  But, if you do decide to go with that, please stick to a flavored kiddy chapstick.  I don't need anything drawn on with real lipstick :)  But besides that, the rest of the things she had on her mind to tell you, but just couldn't get out were this:

* princess panties (she ~ along with her mom! ~ is very excited about being potty trained and loves checking out all of the fancy panties at Target ~ she is especially fond of the princess ones :)
* beds for her doll house
*and dress up clothes.


And because, what's a post without a bunch of pictures?  Here are the kids and Santa through the years (and yes, these are pictures of pictures, so they aren't the best quality, but you'll get the idea):

 our first experience with visiting Santa with our kids ~ Sassy was 9 months old

My ABSOLUTE favorite Santa picture 
Sassy was so excited to see him, but was terrified when it was actually her turn


Actions first experience with Santa




Wow ~ hard to believe Smiley was this little :(

Another one of my favorites ~ love love LOVE Smiley's expression!

Sassy was home sick (super sick) with the flu ~ very bummed she couldn't go

Everyone was all smiles ~ this was before the puppy got denied :(

So, what's on your (or your kid's) Christmas list this year?


Jennifer Juniper said...

Maybe I should write to Santa on my blog? Do you think he reads it? :)

Ruthie Hart said...

cutest thing ever!!!!!

the treat girl said...

I looooove this post!!! Cub visited Santa last night...and he wants a HAMSTER! Of course our good Santa gave the same spiel about only if Mom and Dad says it's okay......not happenin' :(

Angel said...

Such a great post! I love your letters to Santa. And the Santa photos through the years were perfect! Thanks for sharing them with us!

Laura said...

So cute! Your kids are adorable.