Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Coming Down with Something

Hey All ~

I think I must have writers block, or a case of spring fever.  I don't know, lately I just haven't felt like logging on, sitting down and writing.

It's not like I've had anything of "importance" to write about.  On the other hand, there has been plenty I could write about.

I mean, I could tell you about the "FAILED" St. Patrick's day shirt I made for Smiley, or about the cute clips for her hair I made the morning of, because she "needed" something green.  But I would have had to take pictures of them and this is all I I've got:

I could describe to you the forest that is above my eyes ~ I'm not sure they could even be considered eyebrows at this point, but haven't made an appointment to get them tamed because I also really need a haircut (my sister was calling me Pocahontas this past weekend when she came to town for a visit),

There she is playing drums with Smiley and her little guy K

See,  me with my Pocahontas hair (this was about a month ago)

and I'm not sure if I want to keep the same hairstyle, or get crazy (ok, not real crazy) and do something a bit different.  See here's where I could ask for your advice :)

The same like this:

or maybe different like this:

I could give you details about the school carnival and the many dollars we spent to come home with some el cheapo novelty toys, which are now mostly broken, but also how we came home with some very happy, wound up, excited children, all while donating to and supporting their school.

How about the NCAA men's basketball tournament and the fact that there were so many upsets (go underdogs! ☺) this past weekend that the couple of brackets I filled out are......... BROKEN.

I could tell you about the projects I finally got finished, but I'll wait until a later date for that  ☺.

How about the many outfits Sassy and her friend dressed Smiley up in the other day:

and then Action had to get in on the action:

Let's see......

I could tell you more about today, the rainy, gloomy, stay in bed kind of day it is and the fact that I should have gone to the health club to run a few miles and lift some weights.  Should have.  But Smiley and I did go to a birthday party.  We went to celebrate a gorgeous little girl who today, turned 1.  Which brings me to remember that my own little girl will be turning the big 1-0 in less than a week and no party has been planned.

BUT it seems like I said before, that I have come down with something, be it writers block or spring fever.  Hopefully, I will get it together, get my creative pen working again, and get back here so I can actually "tell" you something.

Until then, what SHOULD I do with this?


Jami said...

lol, doesn't look like writers block to me! First let me say, I LOVE Action's afro, classic! Your hair is gorgeous but I'm always up for change. I'm thinking of going back to blonde, yikes. It's been about 5 years. Can't wait to see what you decide :)

Jennifer Juniper said...

Jennifer Aniston just cut her hair! She cut it just like Barbara Streisand, believe it our not. Not cute.

I like it long, the layers might make a cute change and wouldn't be too hard to grow back out if you didn't like it. What's the hubs opinion?