Monday, January 3, 2011

I wasn't so sure..

Hubs has never had the week off between Christmas and New Years.

This year he did!

And while I was uncertain how it would all unfold (he's never had a week off ~ at least not one where NOTHING was planned).  It was WONDERFUL.

We slept in EVERY DAY
We did a lot of NOTHING.

Take a look:

Presents were opened and Sassy and Action received DSi's they were excited and played with them all week long.

Family and Friends were admired.

More sledding ~ Sassy and a couple friends found some waxed cardboard and decided to use that instead of sleds.  Goofballs!  Nothing like redneck sledding :)

(pay no attention to the bad cell phone pic)

Pheasant jerky was made. Lots of pheasant jerky and nope, not by me, by my hubby.

And, Hubby took the kids snow tubing ~ we had tried to go as a family  a couple days prior, but there was a 1 1/2 + hour long wait to get a tube.

We had plans to have friends over to ring in the New Year.  Unfortunately 20 mins before they were set to arrive Action threw up.  Phone calls were made and our get together was cancelled.  We spent the night relaxing as a family.  And yay,  Action felt better and there were no headaches in the morning :)

The kids received these kids as a Christmas gift and set out to create their masterpieces.

Someone just couldn't wait to dig in :) 

Hot Toddy's were made and football was watched.

Minnie, Minnie and friends were played with lots and lots!

And a new calendar was displayed

It was fabulous and I was a bit sad this morning when I was awaken by an ALARM clock.  Ugh.....

Now to get to work and put this guy away

pack up this beauty

and everything else that goes with it!


the treat girl said...

Happy New Year Miss!!! What a wonderful week you had!! And can I just say your Christmas card was the most amazing.... All of you are just radiant!!! Blessings to all of you this year! Hugs, Pam

Rhiannon Nicole said...

Happy New Year Wendy!! Looks like you and the fam had quite the amazing holiday and that makes me so happy :) Here's to a fabulous New Year in 2011 for your hubs and kiddos!! XO

Lori said...

Love love the pictures! And I'm so glad you had a great week. Here's to 2011!