Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Hubby just got back last night from a 3 day business trip (I know, not that long, but long enough).

In the mean time:

Smiley was diagnosed with a double ear infection was given a prescription and is FINALLY back to sleeping comfortably through the night.  Yay! No more couch sleeping for me!

Sassy had a softball game on Monday night.  It's coach pitch and coach (ie. hubby/daddy) was busy eating crab in Maryland.  So we had their coach from last year pitch for us.  They played REALLY well, but ended up  losing 11-8.  Personally, I thought it was good competition for the girls since their last two games were easily won with the final scores being 24-0 and 18-0.  (Although, it could be because their coach was gone ( ;  )

Sassy had a tooth filling fall out, along with some of her tooth.  And a big thanks to DR. DAN for fixing her right up yesterday.

It's been rainy.  I've missed the sun.  But it finally came out yesterday!  Along with this:

Which leads me to this morning:

I see this as I look out the window:

and I kind of feel the same way.

a little on the foggy, unorganized side. 

So maybe after a killer spin class in about an hour, like the weather forcast for today the sun will come through and it will be a fabulous day!

Come back  tomorrow as I embrace the camera!


Lisa Anne said...

Even though it's foggy you have such a beautiful view. I wish I could see all that green space each day. Enjoy spin class!

Jami Nato said...

it's been rainy here too. humid and rainy...uggg.
i'm grumpy. ha...sorry!

the treat girl said...

Oh how pretty it is in your backyard!! I do love a rainy day though....hope you felt better after spinning :)